Thomas Kinkade - Foxglove Cottage

Wednesday, December 30, 2009
Well 2009 is almost finished. So, I wanted to get in one more post to my blog before years end.

The card that I have posted today is a Thomas Kinkade stamp called "Foxglove Cottage". I purchased the stamps from CornishHeritageFarms. They not only have the complete line of Thomas Kinkade stamps, but also a lot of other unusual stamps.

The image for "Foxglove Cottage" was colored with Copic Markers and Spica Pens. The images from the TK series may look impossible to color, but if you do it in easy steps, it all comes together quite beautiful.
Here is the card;

"Foxglove Cottage"

Copic Tidbits for this Card;

1. Color in the bright colors first, such as the windows, and flowers

2. Fill in with the earth tones, the grass, trees, and the house

3. When you are done with the complete picture, use a W1 grey marker to color over everything except the windows and bright spots that you colored in Step#1

4. Use a Spice Pen to color in the bright spots.

Walla!!! your done.

If you break the image down into steps it makes it a lot easier to color the image. Give it a try, It's Simple.

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Happy New Year

Bob L.

The Old Mill

Monday, December 28, 2008

I hope everyone has had a very Merry Christmas and will have a great New Year.
Now it's time to get back to crafting!!! Yea
The card I've posted to day is one of my stamps from Stampscapes. It is actually made up of eight (8) stamps from this company. The stamps are stamped one at a time to make up the complete picture.

The normal way to color a Stampscape creation is by using different tools, such as ColorBox Stylus, Tonal Applicators, and very small stipple brushes. On this card I used Bic makers. It gives a sharper appearance, but still pleasing.

"The Old Mill"

Stampscape scenes can be color with numerous coloring mediums, such as Chalk Pencils, Copic Markers, and Prisma-Color Pencils. The medium used will give a slightly different effect, but still very pleasing.

Don't be afraid of giving it a try. I think you will be very pleased with the results.

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Bob L.

Seasons Greetings

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I wish to take the opportunity to wish all of my blog friends a Very Merry Christmas ans wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

It has been a hard year for a lot of people and I hope that the new year is much better for everyone.

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Bob L.

Road Trip. Yea!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009
The wife and I made two road trips this week. One of them was on Saturday to The Stamping Place in West Columbia, SC. Great store and we wanted to see the new releases of the Hero Arts stamps. Needless to say I bought a few. You can see the sample card that I made from one set, posted below.

The next trip was on Tuesday, to Stamps and More by Eleanor which is located in Piedmont, SC near Greenville, SC. If you get a chance visit this store. Thier motto is "Every Day Is Demo Day". If they have it in the store, they will demo it. Great learning experience. And they have a lot to demo.
For you crafty people that don't like images without noses and a mouth, here is an image that will please you. It,s from the Hero Arts new release called "Call Me". I think it's real cute.

"Call Me"

The colors used for this card are;

Dress: RV00,RV02,RV04, RV06 Hair: YR23, Y23, E35 Skin: E000, E00, E01, R20

Copic Tidbit:

Ground your images. You don't want your image hanging in the sky, so use a lighter color of the main image to be around the shadow side of the image to make it pop. You do not always have to use a grey or BG10, but use other colors that are used in the image. Don't leave a lot of white space. Mask the image and use a background stamp to fill in the white space, as I've done here.


Bob L.

Copic Tidbit on Air Brushing

Thursday, December 17, 2009
Copic Tidbit:
I have been ask quit a few times how do i pick the colors when I air brush a background sky, say a sunset. With the Copic Color System, you have so many colors to pick from, it makes it fairly simple. The first thing I do is to use my trusty internet. I search for picture of a sunset that I like, then duplicate it with the air brusk and my choosen copic colors.
Here is a picture that I recently used on a card;


As you can see in the picture, every color in the picture has a matching color in the Copic Coloring System. If I wanted palm trees in the fore ground, I will air brush my sunset first, then stamp the palm trees in a dark color ink last. If I wanted to do an open image in the foreground, I would stamp and color the foreground image first then mask it, and do my background with the air brush. One tip is to use a very thin masking material, such as Grafix Frisket Film, it,s can be found at Michaels or any other store that sells air brush material. Make sure that you cut you mask very close to the stamped image, so that you eliminate the halo around the image.

Give it a try you will like the results!!!


Bob L.

Airbrushing Card Accessories

Sunday, December 13, 2009
Copic Tidbit:
The ability to color just about any card accessory used for card making or scrapbooking to match your Copic markers, makes the Copic Airbrush System, a great investment. It's also great for airbrushing backgrounds.

There are three different systems that you can purchase, The ABS1 or ABS3 are the least expensive way to get into airbrushing. The ABS1 system, which I have, is the best buy for the money. It has everything you need to use all aircan sizes, plus the ability and accessories you need to hook up to a compressor, if you decide to buy one.

The size of air can that you can use with the system are;

Aircan D60 lasts about 7-8 minutes

Aircan 80 lasts about 20 minutes

Aircan 180 lasts about 45 minutes

The aircans that I keep on hand are the D60, because I can hook it up directly to the grip and carry it to card clubs easily. The aircan 180 give the maximum airbrush time and I use this at home.

Here are some of the things I airbrush for my cards.

The chart only shows a small sample of the items that can be airbrushed. The ribbon needs to be airbrushed from both sided so that when you tie the bow it's the same color . The flowers can be done in multiple colors. And don't forget backgrounds, the possibilities are endless.

It's to the point now where I buy everything I can in white, then airbrush it to the color that I need for my card. It may not save you money to start, but just think of all of the room you save, not having to store all those different colors.

Next thing I have to do is convince my supportive wife that I just have to have a compressor.

If you buy the ABS1 system, remember to buy extra air cans at the same time. Once you start airbrushing, it's addictive.

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Bob L.

Another Christmas Card--"Tis the Season"

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Copic Tidbit:
I need refills. What ones should I buy? My answer to this is to buy the lightest colors in the blending group that you have put together. So, for instance in the card that I have posted below, on the dress I have used RV00,RV02,RV04, and RV06. So which color did I use the most of? It's the RV00 and then next RV02. These are the refills that I would buy for this blending group. Eventually you will have to buy the darker refills, but not for awhile, because you are using very little of that color. So go through your blending groups and buy the lightest colors in that group.

Today I have posted another Christmas card, "Tilda with Candy Cane". The paper that I used for the backgrounds was from the "Little Yellow Bicycle" . The pack is called "25 Days of Christmas". Check it out it really has a great selection of papers. The placard for the background was cut with a Spellbinder die. The sentiment stamp is from Just-Rite Stamps. Although the coloring was simple with my Copics, putting the card together is my difficult part, but I think it came out pretty cute.

"Tilda with Candy Cane"

I added some xmas tree brad to the corners, I don't have the slightest idea where they came from, part of my stash. The poinsetta is from "makingmemeroies". Add a little Red Spica pen to the candy cane, and walla, it's done.

The colors used for this card are;

CandyCane; R29 and red Spica Pen Shoes; E11,E13,E15 Hair; Y11, Y21, E97,E99 Dress; RV00,RV02,RV04,RV06 Socks; B01,B02,B04
Hope you enjoy my rendition.

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Bob L.

Wife's Creation

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Copic Tidbit;
Today I want to talk about colors that are difficult to blend. Two colors that come to mind are Red and Black. Today I'll discuss Red. With this color group you need to use more colors. Instead of 3 use 5. My favorite numbers for red are R20,R22,R24,R27,R29. With R29 and R27 there is not much difference between the two. Lay down the R29 first then the R27 blending from the R29. Then progressively move to the lighter colors. Using this method you will be able, with practice, to get a good blending of red.

Todays card is one that my wife made. She does pretty good. She won't use my Copics,she uses her Pro-Markers by Letraset. She does not have the colors that I have with the Copics, but she does a great job with what she has.

Tilda With Christmas Coat

I be happy when I can get back to coloring. Hopefully in two weeks.
Have a GREAT DAY!!!
Bob L.

Using Four 0 series markers

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Copic Tidbit:
Don't over look the new four 0 series of markers. They are like a Colorless Blender on steriods with color in them. If you have a red shirt use the R0000 at the end of your blending to add high lights to your image. These four 0 series markers are well worth the price. So, add them to your arsenal in your favorite color groups.

The card I finished today uses a stamp from "The Angel Company" it is called "Toodles". The set includes 11 images in the set. I love all the images and sayings in the set.

The image was colored with Copic Sketch Markers. The background layering was designed and cut on my KNK. This machine works great for this type of die cutting because you can design any pattern and cut it to the exact size you need. The rectangle was embossed with the Cuddlebug embossing folder "Swiss Dots"


It's a cute little card to make and colors very easy with your Copic Markers.

Bye the way, there is something wrong with this card. Let me know when you spot it.

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Bob L.

Surgery Completed

Friday. December 4, 2009
Yesterday I had my last round of cataract surgery on my left eye. I can now spot a flea on a cat at 100 feet. I'll have to wait two weeks until I can be fitted for glasses for the remaining corrections.

Copic Buying Tidbit:

When buying Copic markers, I try to buy them in blending groups. So for instance if I'm interest in a light BG (Blue Green) color, I would buy a BG01, BG05, and a BG07. The BG07 would be the shadow color. If I wanted a deeper shadow, I would use BG09. If you buy your marker in blending groups as a Light, Mid-tone, and shadow, you build up good useful blending groups. Try to keep the marker seperated by 2 to 3 digits. What ever you do, do not buy random colors, just because they look good on the color chart. This will keep you from having a bunch of random markers that do not blend well.

The card today, because of my vision problems, was done about a week ago. The stamp is from "The Angel Company" and is called "Oceans of Love". It's a cute stamp that provides plenty of open areas to color and blend. The background paper is from K&C Company and has glitter and Crystal Lacquer already on it.

Oceans of Love

It's a very simple card, but I think quite cute. The colors for the Copic Marker used are listed below;

Boat & Oar: E30,E31,E34 Bears: E13,E15,E17 Boy Shirt & Water: B01,B04,B06 Girls Blouse:YG01,YG03,YG05 Girls Hat: RV00.RV02,RV04
Hope you enjoy it. Happy coloring.

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Bob L.

Another Copic Tidbit

Wednesday, December 2, 2009
Copic Tidbit;
A new Copic Sketch marker will cover evenly, four 8 1/2"X11" sheets of Nenaah cardstock and another 3/4 sheet, but streaky. At this time you need to refill.A regular Various Ink Refill bottle holds 25cc of ink. This will refill a Sketch marker 10-12 times.

Here is another card that I finished yesterday. I call it "Wind Blown Tilda". Once again it is in my minimalist style.

The circular sentiment stal is from "Just_Rite stamps: which are just right for these types of cards. I used a Silver glitter pen on the snow flakes and the wind. The scrolls on the pattern paper on the right side of the card are scrolls from "The Angel Company" stamped in silver.

And here she is;

"Wind Blown Tilda"

"Wind Blow Tilda" (Close-up)

The Copic colors used for this image were;

Cape: G12,G14,G16,G19 Dress: R20,R22,R24,R27,R29 Hair: Y15,Y26,E13 Boots: C1,C3,C5

She is a cute young lady, but cold.

Hope you enjoy my effort.

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Bob L

After The Long Weekend

Monday, November 30, 2009

Here is a quick Copic Tip;
If you are using your normal paper with your Copic marker, and the ink is bleeding outside the image border, "What Do I Do" ?

More than likely, due to the moisture that your CS has picked up, is the problem. Use you craft iron to drive the moisture out of the CS, this should solve the problem.

Still in the Christmas theme, here is a card that I made over the weekend. On this card, "Tilda with Presents", I use some T3 Toner Grey to give more depth to the dress on the left side. The Christmas trees in the background were embossed with silver glitter embossing powder. Tilda of course was popped up to give some depth.

Tilda with Presents

It's a quick card and in the minimalist style that I prefer. The colors used for the card are listed below.

Face; E0000,E000,E00,R20 Socks; B00,B01,B04 Holly; G07,G09 Hair; Y23,E35,YR23 Dress; RV00, RV02,RV04, T3

I think that it is very gute card and quick to make. Now I only have 32 more cards to make. I had better get busy.

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Bob L.

Copic 334 Color Wheel

Friday, November 27, 2009
Today I wish to talk about understanding color matching.

First thing that you need to do is go to the Copic Marker Site and down load the Copic 334 Color Wheel. Please print it on the same type of cardstock that you normally color on, it seems to come out with a better rendition of the colors.

Starting from the outside of the wheel on the BG(Blue Green) section, the BG01-BG09 all have the same saturation of Grey added to the color. This holds true for all of the color groups.

As you move to the hub of the color wheel, more Grey to the color. So when you get to the hub in the BG color group, the BG91-BG99 has the most Grey added to the color. These colors appear to be darker.
Here is a little sample chart using BG02-BG07 and G02-G07;

So with that said, if you stay in the same circle of the wheel, the same amount of Grey has been added. Your colors will match.

If you are using the same color combination of colors as the chart above, but wish to make the shadow deeper add Grey to that area and blend it in with you darker color. I use the T series (toner Grey)

Use the color wheel it has helped me a lot.

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Bob L.

Copic Marker Flick Technique

Wednesday, November 25, 2009
I recently attended the Copic Certification Course in Columbia, SC at "The Stamping Place" There were about 35 students attending, The course was presented by Sally Lynn McDonald who was very informative and interesting. We learned a lot about the Copic Marker System. Now all we have to do is practice what we learned.

One of the techniques for blending that I found interesting was, The Flick Blending method.
It's hard to explain in words, so I have made a short video of the technique. Here is the Video;

Copic Flick Blending

This techniques work great for blending dissimilar colors such as the BG15 and RV 21 that I used in this video. As I said in the video it take practice, and more practice. When you try this technique it's hard at first to control the pen , but gets easier, the more you practice.

The only thing I can say about this technique is I Love It. So get out you Copic makers and try it out. There are many instances were it can be applied.

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Bob L.

Happy Snowman

Monday, November 23, 2009

Yesterday I attended the Copic Certification Course, in Columbia, SC at the "Stamping Place". Barbara, Judy and crew were excellent hosts and did a great job on the setup for the event, including marking the parking spaces.

The class was given by Salley Lynn McDonald, a fabulous instructor and very entertaining, to boot. I learned a lot at the class, which I know will help with my Copic marker coloring. She covered everything that you need to know about the Copic line of products. The subjects covered were, ink characteristics, papers, blending and airbrushing. Plus many more subject. I'll have to go through my class notes to review it all and practice, practice, and more practice. All and all it was well worth the cost of registration. We all had a great time.

Here is a card that I finished up before attending the class. I call it "Happy Snowman".

He is a cute little snowman, from a stamp that I have had for years. I don't know which company he is from, because I took him off of his wooden block and mounted him on Creative Cling. Much easier to store.

I use "Puffy Tulip Paint " at his base and heated it with some Prisma-Glitter to add dimension. The color of the markers I used are listed below the card

"Happy Snowman"

"Colors Used"

Tree & Holly:G14, G16, G19 Bottons: BG02, BG05 Hat: E11, E13, E15, E17 Scarf:YR16, YR08 Hat Band: R22, R24, R27

The background papers use are a wrinkled white paper, that I picked up a few years ago, That gives the impression of snow drifts, and a patterned paper from the Angel Company. The stars on the paper were colored with a glitter pen. A Spica Blue pen was used to write over the saying.

If you have any question, please make a comment.

That's all for today.

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Bob L.

It's Time to Start Christmas Cards

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm down to 37 days till Christmas. If you deduct the days for mailing to arrive, there is only 30 days. If I want the cards to be there for Christmas.

So yesterday I started. Only 45 more cards to go.

I started off with this cute little Santa Bear. Where I got the stamp from , I don't know, I've had it for a long time.

It only has three color groups in it so it is rather easy to do. As you will notice, I have used five shades of red for the coat and hat. It may sound like over kill, but it makes it easier to blend. Red is a very intense color and hard to blend. With the browns I used four colors for the same reason.

Here are the colors used;

Suit & Hat: R20,R22,R24, R27, R29 Bears Body: E31, E33,E35, E37 Tree: G14, G16, G19

Holiday Joy

Holiday Joy (Closeup)

The hat rim, pompom, jacket trim, and cuffs had Puff Tulip Paint applied to them and sprinkled with Prisma-Glitter, then heat set to make those areas puff up. The rest of the card was pretty standard. A little gold leafing pen, some backgrounds speckles, and walla the card was finished.

Only 44 more cards to go.

Hope you like it?

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Bob L.


Sunday, November 15, 2009
Todays card is one that I made for an A&B Swap for one of the groups that I belong to " Copic Cabana"

The theme was Thanksgiving, so I thought that a nice cornucopia would be a fitting image. The image does have quite a bit of detail in it, but with my trusty copic markers, a few Spica pens, and a white gel pen, I think I accomplished it.

Here is the card;

"Thanksgiving Cornucopia"

I have had requests to list the colors that I use on the card, so here they are;

Pumpkin& Flower:YR00,YR02,YR04,YR07 Apples:R21, R22, R24 Cornucopia: E09,E11,E17 Melon: YG00,YG13,YG17 Wheat: Y08,Y19 Grapes: BV01,BV02, BV04

The ear of corn was colored with a combination of colors used in the main parts of the image. Although you can't see it in the image of the card, Spica pens were used to give the image some glitter. A white gel pen was used on the grapes to give high lights. The main image was masked and airbrushed with the colors of the cornucopia.

The main image was from "The Artful Stamper". Stamping paper use, Nenaah Classic Solar White.

Hope you like it.

Have a "GREAT DAY"

Bob L.

What is a KNK

Thursday, November 12, 2009
Several times in my commentary, I have mentioned my KNK. I have been asked "What is a KNK"?

Here is my explanation. The KNK stands for Klic-N-Kut. It is an electronic die cutting machine that connects to your computer. It comes with it's own Design Studio software that you produce your designs in and send to the cutter. Unlike the Cricut it does not require expensive cartridges, but you can make your own designs or buy ready made designs from numerous sources. The machine I have can cut up to 15" wide and unlimited lenght. It will cut chipboard, emboss, and engrave. It's one of my best investments.

Here is a picture of the machine;


If you wish to know more about this fabulous machine go to and look around the site. Sandy McCauley, the owner of the site wrote the instruction manual and has many free videos on the use of the KNK.

I hope this answers your question.
Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Bob L

Girl with Bunny

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This is a card that I made last week. It's a complicated design, that colors well with Copic markers. I've had the stamp for so long, that I don't remember what company it is from.
It takes a little time to color even with the Copic, but it would have taken even longer with pencils.

Happy Veterans Day to all that are serving and those that have served. We should remember our veterans every day not just a specific day.

Girl with Bunny

Hope you enjoy the card.

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Bob L.

Edwin with Xmas Lantern

Monday, November 9, 2009
I was asked on one of the groups that I belong to to do some men figures on some of my cards.

So this card is of "Edwin with Christmas Lantern".

It is made up of some Magnolia stamps "Edwin" and a village in the background " Chill of Winter" from "The Angel Company" for which I have been a demonstrator for eight years.

The background papers used for this card were from Jo-Anns and Stamps and More by Elenor a South Carolina stamp store.

Edwin is cut out and popped up. Prisma-Glitter was used on the roof lines and snow lines. The images were colored with Copic markers. If you want the recipe for the colors, leave a comment and your email address and I'll send it to you.

Now here is Edwin in all of his glory;

Edwin with Christmas Lantern

Hope you like him and my rendering of the image.

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Bob L.

Early Valentines Card

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I'm happy to say that the surgery for my right eye is over. The day after the cataract surgery was kind of hard to do any coloring, but I did get one or two done.

One of the ones I worked on was theis cute Tilda which would be just great fo a Valentines Day Card. After the dress was done with the RV series I used the new RV0000 to scrub in the highlights. It works quite well. Try it you'll like it. And, it's quite easy to do. I like the effect.

The patterned paper packet is from Jo-Ann's and is called "Love". The flower is a plain white, which is all I buy now, and the tips of the flower airbrushed with a matching RV series ink.

Hope youy like it, and here she is;

Valentines Tilda

Once again taken with the camera, which I think I will stick with.
That's all for today.
Have a GREAT DAY!!!
Bob L.

Strawberry Tilda

Wednesday, November 4, 2009
Today, I tried something different. Instead of scanning my card I took a picture of it with my camera. I think it turned out quite well. It shows the shading and the papers better

Tilda was brought forward by using Pop-Dot and placed on the circlular scalloped piece. To get rid of the pure white in the circle, I used the Copic Airbrush. Then to get a little bling, I put Crystal Lacquer on the strawberrys and some Stickles on the mats.

Strawberry Tilda

She turn out well.What do you think, Camera or Scanner?

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Bob L.

Tag Tilda

Tuesday, November 2, 2009

It's getting close to my day to have cataract surgery, and I have been doing all the thing to get ready for the day.

I did get to work on one card last night, it's the "Tag Tilda". She is very cute and fun to color. The patterned background papers were from Jo-Ann's, when they have a sale, 5 for a $1 for 12"X12" I usually stock up. The corner elements on the right are a QK corner die that I modified. The tag that Tilda is holding can be written on with a Multi-liner pen with what ever short saying you want. And, I stress "short".

Here she is. Isn't she cute??

"Tag Tilda"

I'll try to get a couple more images colored before Thursday, when my surgery is schedule. I don't know what the prospects are afterwards.
Have a "GREAT DAY!!!
Bob L.

Cupcake Tilda

Saturday, October 31, 2009
Yesterday, my wife and I decided to make a trip to our favorite stamp store, The Stamping Place. This was at about 2:00pm in the afternoon, and it's a one hour drive. It always seem like the trip there is so long. I guess it's the anticipation.

The trip as always was worth while, and Barbara and Judy, were gracious hosts. I was able to buy two more Magnolia sets that we did not have, so now I have some new images to color. Not to say along with a few other item. I just had to have a few more Spika pen. I love to use them, they add so much to you finished card.

One of the sets was Cupcake Tilda, which I have posted below;

Cupcake Tilda

I think she turned out real cute. What do you think?
The background paper was from a recipe swap that I was in, and matches up real well with the blue gingham.

I need to get working on some more videos, if you have any suggestions let me know with your comments.


Bob L.

Happy Halloween

Friday, October 30, 2009

Here is hoping you and yours have a safe and happy Halloween holiday.

Yesterday we attended our weekly card making club. I decided to give the club members an opportunity to make Melissa Baldwins pieced pumpkin made with a Spellbinder Label Six die.

The one problem that I had was that I did not have the die and it was to late to order it. So I used my KNK Design Studio software and designed the pattern. Then I cut out the necessary pieces with the KNK.

Here is a photograph of the finished project;

3D Pumpkin

This is very cute, but you realy need to try it with photographs. As I said I don't have the die, but I could try it on my KNK using the print-n-cut function. I'll have to give it a try when I get a chance.
That's all for today.
Have a GREAT DAY!!!
Bob L.

New Easel Card

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yesterday we attended our monthly card club meeting at "The Stamping Studio" We had a great time.

While we were there, we saw a few set of stamps that we just had to have. lol One of the sets was a Thanksgiving set, with a cute turkey on it. The card that I made used the turkey on an easel card.

Turkey Easel Card

I hope you enjoy the card as much as I had making it.


Bob L.

Stamping Days

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yesterday, was a GREAT DAY!!! We had our monthly card club meeting at "The Stamping Studio" My wife,Rose, and I always look forward to this get together, and wish that it was more than once a month.

Melissa Baldwin the owner of "The Stamping Studio" is very creative and a very gracious host. This month she had four projects for us to work on.

One of the projects was a 3-D pumpkin made using the Spellbinder "Label6" Die set. You can see the project at her blog. The other project was a very cute layered card using a stamp set that she sells, of a silhouetted deer. The project that was realy a surprise was the "Scent My Cards" project. It was an image of a candied apple that we made. It was scented with Caramel Apple scent. It really smelled like a Caramel Apple. Check the scents out at her online store.

Very well done. It's what you come to expect of Melissa.

We are already looking forward to the next get together.

That's all for today.

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Bob L.

Magic Pencil Technique

Friday, October 23, 2009

The attached video was primarly made for my class from Saturday, October 17th on the "Magic Pencil Technique". This is also a good technique for anyone that likes to color.

The first thing to know is about the cardstock that works for this technique. The best paper that I have found, and the cheapest, is the cardstock that you buy at Wal-Mart. It is made by Georgia Pacific. The reason it works so well is that it has a slight tooth to it. A real slick cardstock does not give the blending effect that the GP cardstock does.

The other items that you will need are some Prisma-Color Pencils, or any other wax based pencils, some Oderless Mineral Spirits, and paper blending stubs.

Now you are ready to color. Always use a very light stroke with the pencil, in the lightest color. After you have laid down your lightest color, blend it out with the blender stub dipped in mineral spirits. Blend until you have a smooth well blended area. Next lay down your shadow color, and blend it out to represent you shadows.

The is a easy technique, but takes practice.

Now let's watch the video!!!

"Magic Pencil Technique"

That's all for today.

Have a "GREAT DAY"!!!

Bob L.

Busy Day

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Today was a busy day for me. I had to do a pre-surgery consultation for my cataract surgery. Now I have to wait for them to schedule the surgery.

I did accomplish one thing before my appointment. yaa

I finished up the card for the "Lady with the Hat" And here she is. Isn't she beautiful!!!

"Lady with the Hat"

The backgound paper was of all things, the panels off of a Kleenex box. That just goes to show you, "Don't throw away anything". The flower was a plain white flower that I dyed with an ink pad and added Prisma-Glitter. Sorry about the one button, but my eyes had been dilated and I could not see the colors to well. All of the circles were cut on my KNK Electronic Die Cutter. Great machine, you can cut what ever you want, in exactly the correct size.

That's all for today.

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Bob L.

Lazy Weekend

This has been a basically a very quite weekend.

I only had one class that I presented Saturday on the "Magic Pencil" technique. Then it was all my time, or so I thought. Saturday afternoon the Fedex truck pulled up and delivered two large boxes. The boxes were the items ordered form a Pampered Chef party that my wife had hosted last Saturday. So Sunday we spent our time breaking the order down and getting it ready to deliver. Oh Well, thing always change.

Sunday I had an idea about using the "atyouSpica" pens to color a complete image. I did not finish it yet, but I will today.

I'll post it as soon as its done.

Hope everyone liked the video on coloring the snowman. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see for the next video, let me know in the comments section.

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Bob L.

Coloring a Snowman

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I've had a few questions about coloring white images, particularly, Snowmen. The snowman image needs to be white, so I'm not really coloring it, I'm just adding shadows to give it shape.

For a snowman I would use cool colors, such as the BG series or the C series for the shadowing. For this image of the snowman I used BG10 and BG0000.

Now let's watch the video;

Coloring a Snowman

The image I use today Is called "Snow Day" from "The Stamping Studio" it's a very cute snowman. I finished it off by putting "Prisma-Glitter using a Zig Glue pen on the shadowed areas that I just colored in. It gives it a real nice affect.

Remember always do all of you blending before adding any glitter to your image.

That' all for today folks!!

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Bob L.

Saturday is Finaly Here!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Well, I made it to Saturday again.

Today I am giving a class at "Simply Scrapbooks", a local scrapbooking store. It is a series of classes on coloring techniques. The first one is on the "Magic Pencil". The remaining classes will be on coloring with Sharpies, Prisma-Markers, Copic Markers, and Chalk Pencils.

As you can see, I love coloring with just about any media. Infact I usually do nothing but coloring for two or three days, then I do alot of card assembly. This method works for me, but that's just me.

I'm off to get ready for my class today,

I'll finish up "The Lady with The Hat" card this weekend, and get it posted.


Bob L.

Color Blending wit Copic Markers #5--The Finish

Friday, October 16, 2009

Today, we are going to finish up the image of "The Lady with the Hat".

Todays video was taken from a different angle. I jury rigged my camcorder to be directly over the work area. Let me know in the comments for this segment what you think. You like it, or not.

On to todays segment.

I'm finishing up the image by adding some bling, glitter, to the details of the hat. I am using the atyouSpica pens (Speeka). They are pens that have fine glitter in them and are great. The one thing different about these pens is that the ink actualy sinks into the paper and does not just sit on top.

So now lets watch the video.

Color Blending with Copic Markers #5

One caution; Always finish all of your blending with the Copic Markers before you add embelishments with the Spica pens, gel pens or Stickles. Doing this could ruin or damage the tips of your Copic Markers.

I hope you enjoyed this series of videos. Do you want to see more? Let me know by your comments.

Have a "GREAT DAY"!!!

Bob L.

Lady with the Hat Continued

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Today is our regular stamping day, so I am posting early. I always look forward to Thursdays, because we like minded people can get together and share our thoughts from card making, new items we have, and yes politics.

On todays video I show how I colored the hat, from the Lady with the Hat. The Copic markers that I used on this part are BV00, BV02, and BV04. And of course the Blender to clean up the BoBos.

A few tips:

1. Use a light stroke with the markers. Less ink is better it blends easier.

2. I use " Nenaah Classic Crest Solar White"cardstock. It blends well, and bleeds very little.

That's all for today. I am off to get my stamping stuff together for stamp day.

Tomorrow we will finish up the "Lady with the Hat". We will be doing the flowers on the hat and some bling.

Have a specTACular Day!!!

Bob L.

Color Blending wit Copic Markers #3

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Per the request of a follower, I made todays video a little different angle. From over my shoulder. Let me know what you think.

I am continuing coloring "The Lady in The Hat" from the first video. The only thing that I have done to the image since Monday is to added the lip color, eyes, and some eye shadow.

Today we will be doing the hair. The markers that I used are E11, E25, and E29. Start with you lightest color , color in the hair. Next with your E25, following the lay of the hair on the image stroke these areas. Blend the areas with E11.

Last but not least with E29 put in some darker areas along the brim of the hat along side the face, and blend once again with E11.

Remember you can always add more color, but its hard to take it away.

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Bob L.

My First Video

Monday, October 12, 2009

Good Morning Fellow Stampers.

Today, I am trying something new. I dug out my camcorder and am attempting to produce a video to be used on this blog. Let me know what you think!!!

In the video I am using the new E0000, along with E000, E00, and R20. This combination of colors gives a paler skin tone, but realy looks good. IMHO So if you have the new 0000 series markers from Copic try them, you'll like them"

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Bob L.

Using The New Colors

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yesterday was a Great Day. We had a get together with our stamping group at a members house. We made 4 cards that were designed and material supplied by the TAC and Stamp'n Up representatives. They were great cards in the fall theme.

One other add event was a Pampered Chef cooking show. By the time we finished off the Enchilada Beef Cassorole, Pinapple Salsa, and the Quick Struessal Apple Pie we were full and ready to continue with the card making. All and all, it was a GREAT DAY!!

I mentioned yesterday that "The Stamping Place" had some of the new Christmas Theme patterned papers by Penny Black. The one I liked was called "Christmas Music".  It is very pretty and I will definitely use it on my Christmas cards. Here is a sample of it; 

In the last two weeks, I have purchased a few of the new colors of the Copic markers. They have a few uses that I have found and like.

The "E0000" makes a very nice base color for lighter skin. In combination with E000, and E00, they blend well and work as a pale skintone. I have found a few more uses for them, but have not fully developed the technique yet. I'll tell you more once I have explore these uses.
Talk to you all tomorrow.

Have a "GREAT DAY"!!!

Bob L.

Busy Day!!!

Today will be a busy day. We have two events today, one is a Funshop for "The Angel Company" for which I have been a demonstrator for about eight years now, and a Pampered Chef party.

So all and all it will be a GREAT DAY. I get to do the two things I love the most, crafting and eating. I'll let you know how it comes out.

As you all know, or maybe don't, I love my Copics. They work so well with just about any other craft media. In the card below I have used Crystal Lacquer, Stickles, and a White Gel pen to high-light the card. Try it you'll like it. Don't stop with these three items, try other items that you have.

By the way the  brads were made using an "ITop" which makes brads from patterned paper,fabric, or photographs. They come in three sizes, small, medium, and large. The size used on this card is medium.

I guess I need to get ready for the day.

Have a "GREAT DAY"!!!

Bob L.

Well I Did Not Make It till Tomorrow

Friday, October 9, 2009

Well I made it to "The Stamping Station" this morning and it was a trip that was worth while. They had a new shipment of pattern papers by "Penny Black". They are beautiful the one I got was a Christmas Theme. It had a musical motif that should make pretty background paper for my Christmas card. You can't have enough paper. lol

While I was there, I also had to pick up some more "Copic Makers". Not that I don't have enough already. Only 110 more to go.

By the way Leslie is one of the instructors at "The Stamping Place" she is Copic Certified and teaches Copic classes on a regular schedule. I have taken both of her classes and they are excellent and fun. Next month I will be taking the Copic Certification Course. Can't Wait.

See that I am extolloing the merits of the copic markers, here is another card that I made using Copic Markers.

Well that's all for today, talk to you in the morning.

Have a "GREAT DAY"!!!

Bo L.

Fall Is Getting Here Fast!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Good Morning Stampers of The World!!!

Today I will be making a trip to my favorite stamp store,"The Stamping Place" in Colum bia, SC.
This a great store which carries something for all scrappers and cardmakers. Barbara and Judy are great people and bend over backwards to make your visit an enjoyable one. In fact the make a long distance call to me everytime they get in something that they think I may be interested in.

Most of the time they are right, and I'm on the road again. My car knows the route to thier store by heart.

The one item that they carry is a complete line of "Copic Sketch Markers", all 344 colors.  I only have about 212 of the colors so far!!!

I love coloring with the Copic Markers. The ability to shade is wonderful and can be done so fast.

Here is a fall card that I finished, that displays my love of the fall. The stamp used is a "JustRite" stamp. The Stamping Place also carries this complete line.

That all for today, I'll let you know tomorrow what I just had to have at The Stamping Place.

Have a "GREAT DAY"!!!

My First Blogg

Today is my first atempt at setting up a blog. I do a lot of blog hopping, mainly looking for Copic Marker blogs and other crafts.

I never fail to find some idea that I can use with my crafts on a daily basis. So I keep cruising the blog looking.

My paper crafting started about eight years ago. At that time I was into woodworking , and was looking for a way to decorate my projects. In our town there was a new Rubber Stamping store that had just opened. I decided to see what they had to offer.

That was my down fall!!!

Eight years later after many classes and more trips to craft store, and needless to say many dollars later, I now have one room of my house dedicated to my craft and still need more room. Just keeping track of what I have could be a full time job.

More about my journey into the craft world tomorrow.

Have a "GREAT DAY"!!!

Bob L.