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FriDay September 25, 2014

Friday, September 26, 2014

"More on Cricut Print then Cut"

I have been playing with "Print then Cut" function of Cricut Design Space.
The more I play with it, the more I like it. The big thing is that Provocraft
seems to be hinting that more improvements are in the works. I sure hope

So, yesterday I tried to really given the Print then Cut update a real work
out. So far I have tried out various variations of printing then cutting images
contained in the image gallery and cartridges that I have purchased. When
the image prints out it has a heavy border around the image. Very
disconcerting to start, but, the heavy border is to allow the Cricut Explore
To cut close to the actual image.

The Halloween card shown below was made with the Print the Cut function.
The only item that had me worried was the spider web. It looked like one big
blob of black, but as you can see it cut out alright.

The other items were also cut with the Print then Cut function. The two that
are colored were from cartridges I have. The image of the girl with the
ruffled dress is a digital image that I bought and downloaded. Think of the
possibilities. You could size the image to the correct size, then print the item from Design Space then color it with your favorite coloring medium, mine is Copic markers. Then when you are
satisfied with it, put it on the mat and cut the colored image out. Walla, you
have a perfectly colored image that is cut and ready to use on a card. And,
no hand cutting. Yay!!!!
"Examples of "Print then Cut"
They have also improved the weld function and added a slice function, which is normally only found on the high end software.
Okay, so I guess that's about all for today. If you have any questions, leave it as a comment and I'll answer back.
Have a GREAT DAY!!!!
Bob L.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"Review of The Print then Cut function on The Cricut Explore"
Provocraft finally released the update for the "Cricut Explore Design Space" Print then Cut function.
I have one thing to say "WOW". I have been playing with in all morning and love it. Thank You Provocraft, finally a real advance in how we can use the machine. The Explore with the Design Space software update were well worth the purchase of the "Cricut Explore".
There are a few thing to do with the new "Print then Cut" function, but the most important is;
"Take your time with the Calibration"
I had to do the calibration three times before I was satisfied with it. The calibration is very important because this determines how the Explore cut out the image the it printed on your printer. If you do the calibration properly, the cut on the Explore will be just inside of the colored portion of the image that you printed.
If you want to see how the Print then Cut works, go to "YouTube" and  find the Videos posted by "Crafts by 2 Print then Cut". Start with the " Update Overview". They have about five (5) videos including one on calibrating the machine.
In my opinion the Cricut Explore combined with the Cricut Design Space is one of the best cutting machine that Provocraft has come out with, and I've had all of them. It cuts beautifully and has some of the same functions that some of my high end machines that cost me $700.00 and more. The "Print then Cut" feature is worth the price of the Cricut Explore.
Well, I'm off to play some more with the "Print then Cut"
Have a GREAT DAY!!!! 
Bob L.