Coloring a Snowman

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I've had a few questions about coloring white images, particularly, Snowmen. The snowman image needs to be white, so I'm not really coloring it, I'm just adding shadows to give it shape.

For a snowman I would use cool colors, such as the BG series or the C series for the shadowing. For this image of the snowman I used BG10 and BG0000.

Now let's watch the video;

Coloring a Snowman

The image I use today Is called "Snow Day" from "The Stamping Studio" it's a very cute snowman. I finished it off by putting "Prisma-Glitter using a Zig Glue pen on the shadowed areas that I just colored in. It gives it a real nice affect.

Remember always do all of you blending before adding any glitter to your image.

That' all for today folks!!

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Bob L.

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